Hi all badminton enthusiast! Looking at offering more choices to the badminton community out there from causal to competitive level.

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Model : TurboCharging 75

Product Weight : 3U/W3

Balance Point : 295mm

Length : 675 mm

Grip Size : S2 (3.25 in)

Flex : Medium 

Material : Military Grade Carbon Fiber/Ultra Carbon

Feature : Boost


Technology :

 -Turbo Charging

 -HDF Shock Apsorption

 -Dynamic Optimum Frame

 -Aero tec-Beam System

 -Stabilized Torsion Angle

 -Stabilize Elastic Shaft

 -FRTP Technology 

 -TB Nano

 -UHB Shaft

 -Ultra Carbon

LI-NING Turbo Charging 75

    • Replacement of broken racket will only occur when deemed as manufacturing defect.