Model : TurboCharging 75EX

Product Weight : 3U

Balance Point : 295 mm

Length : 675 mm

Grip Size : S2

Flex : Medium 

Material : Military Grade Carbon Fiber/Ultra Carbon

Feature : Extreme

Tension : 35 Lbs


Technology :

-Turbo Charging

 -HDF Shock Apsorption

 -Dynamic Optimum Frame

 -Aero tec-Beam System

 -Stabilized Torsion Angle

 -Stabilize Elastic Shaft

 -TB Nano

 -UHB Shaft

 -Ultra Carbon

LI-NING Turbo Charging 75 Extreme(AYPN226-4)

    • Replacement of broken racket will only occur when deemed as manufacturing defect.

Hi all badminton enthusiast! Looking at offering more choices to the badminton community out there from causal to competitive level.

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